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An Open Letter To Pisces For April 2021

By:Guy Doleman
Date: Wed,31 Mar 2021
Submitter:Guy Doleman

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An Open Letter To Pisces For April 2021

Dear Pisces,

Compassionate and caring Pisces are capable of great self-sacrifice and magnanimity. Your life has been something of a learning curve: you have travelled an emotionally demanding journey which has revealed to you both the depths of human duplicity and the heights to which a minority of human beings can ascend when called upon to do so by the fickle finger of fate. You are now older and wiser. Indeed, you are more certain of the way forward than ever before. True, there are a few remaining problems to be resolved but nothing with which you can not cope. Therefore, look to your future with increasing optimism. Plan ahead for a happy life and turn your back on grief, remorse and self-recrimination. Fear not, for you have what it takes to lead a worthwhile and successful life. The past has lost its hold over you. Indeed, the past is dead only the future is real.

Week One:
During the first week of April matters related to the abundance or frugality of your sex life may become an emotive issue for you to deal with. Indeed, the whole world and his dog may hold an opinion on the subject and a number disrespectful and obnoxious individuals may even be insensitive enough to express them within earshot. In fact, it may become “the elephant in the room” and no matter what you do to ignore or mitigate its presence, it just won't go away. Meanwhile, other Pisces may become perplexed over issues relating to “procreation” in the widest sense of the word. Take comfort from the fact it will be a flash in the pan and do no lasting harm. Interestingly, the majority of Pisces born will benefit from the combined energies of the Greater Light and Venus, the planet of love and luxury. That seems like a receipt for potential happiness to me. And there might even be a few “bob” (a pre-decimal currency) in the kitty for you to enjoy.

Continuing on a positive note: people of younger years will benefit from your gentle and persuasive guidance. Your life experience is greater than their own, consequently, you feel obliged to offer some words of encouragement and advice. However, call to mind the fact they may have a thousand and one other questions they may secretly want to ask but don't know how to express their inner fears or anxieties. So cast your net wide and try to help them vocalize their innermost thoughts. Try to imagine yourself in their predicament and see the world through their eyes. It might be like trying to nail jelly to a tree, but it's better than standing idly bye and watch them lurch from one negative situation to another. Don't you agree?

Family finances are another issue begging for attention. Is too much food going needlessly to waste, or, being consumed to the detriment of the families waistline or health? Additionally, in some instances an ex-partner's family may be causing problems from behind the scenes, or, deliberately sabotaging your attempts to hammer together a new and productive meeting of minds. Are you ready to try a reconciliation, and are they hell-bent on preventing it? Keep your eye on the ball and all should be well.

Week Two:
The Greater Light and Venus, the herald of Love & Luxury, continue to cuddle up together. Consequently, this should be good for the majority of Pisces. Why? 'Cos everything “Me!”; “Me!”; “Me!”; should go “Good!”; “Good!”; “Good!” That's kinda your baseline for the week. However, it's appropriate to note that if your personal natal horoscope is heavily afflicted this will inevitably reduce Venus's potential impact.

(Regrettably, you must always remember that nothing in astrology is simply either black or white: every astrological factor is “context-sensitive” for want of a better phrase).

If you are you an inept but enthusiastic DIY exponent then take care when you are using sharp tools or sawing things down to size: make sure you don't get your fingers trapped or worse. Similarly, keen cooks must focus really hard and do everything in their power to avoid letting pans boil over; kettles burn dry; or a frying pan catch fire. In short: if it's sharp, hot or hazardous please exercise extra care!

A minority of my Pisces readers may seek spiritual comfort and sustenance after making a visit to a care home or hospital. Almost everyone at sometime in their lives needs to reach out and draw down the strength available only from a Higher Plain of Existence. If you can relate to that don't think you are weak or deficient in any way. Moreover, don't worry what other people may say. In short: if you want to sneak into a church, temple (or holy place of any description), then do so. It's never too late to say “sorry” and reassemble up the fractured remnants of a shattered faith. Less troubled Pisces may find comfort in poetry, romantic fiction or films. However, I must confess my real concerns are focused upon the few of my Pisces readers who may turn — in desperation — to the illusory comfort of a bottle or other substances. That solution is no solution at all. Please seek proper help. Remember what Confucius said: “a journey of ten thousand miles begins with a single step”. You can do it!!

Week Three:
This week starts with what I can only paraphrase as an increase in vision, or, enhanced clarity focusing on your current situation and immediate future. It's like the blindfold is removed, and you see the reality of your situation for the first time. Let me quickly add this is to your advantage. This clarity of vision will make you feel more optimistic and strengthen your determination to get your point across. You're not going to be fobbed-off with some lame-dog excuses. With a new-found eloquence you will articulate your grievances and present a timetable for making readjustments and amendments to your schedule. You'll lay your cards on the table in a confident manner. No no one will guilt-trip you this time, or, turn the situation around and make you feel like the guilty party. Things are looking good kid!!

Make a little time to focus on your personal interests: the things that really matter to you on an individual level. Perhaps it's time to treat yourself to a “make-over” or splash some cash on a new outfit. Really adventures Pisces might venture across the threshold of a tattoo studio or entertain the idea of getting some strategically placed piercings. Why not dare to be different and generate a little affectionate banter among your brothers/sisters, fellow students or workmates? Mercury's current activity suggests you can create a wave of popularity if you do something to “promote” yourself (YouTube?). You are usually too shy and reticent to advertise your skills and achievements. In short: just for once blow your own trumpet. Stop hiding away so much, there really is no need to hide in the shadows.

More activity than usual could be experienced at home. Perhaps somebody is playing up a little, going out of their way to press your buttons and annoy. Furthermore, someone of senior years may require your assistance, either to help them cope with the practical realities of everyday life, or, help them relocate to a more protected and secure environment. Speaking of secure environments: you may decide to stock up on food and drink, either in preparation for a future celebration or just as a safety measure.

Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, is active in that part of your horoscope which traditionally correlates to your hopes, dreams and secret schemes. Have you been playing your cards close to your chest in the hope of making a little magic for yourself? Happily, things might come up trumps. But don't be too ambitious or set the bar too high. But if you look behind the facade of everyday reality I think you'll discover something wonderful taking shape. Enjoy!

However, other Pisces must tread cautiously if they are to avoid becoming too involved in secret conspiracies. Bite off too much, and you might get bitten on the bum, so to speak. Over indulgence or unbridled enthusiasm might lead to secret obligations or sexual temptations that cast you adrift in uncharted waters. In short: a current of good luck and good fortune flows through the week. But any tide can turn treacherous if the inexperienced venture out of their depths, so don't do anything too risky. If you are the dutiful son or daughter of selfish parents, be prepared to stand your ground, or they may ask too much of you. Don't rely on your brothers and sisters to come to your aid. They'll be quite happy to sit back on their bums and watch you sacrifice your ambitions and freedom, so they don't have to do a thing themselves to help.

Again I want to address my words to the few Pisces who are currently harbouring secret fears about themselves and doubting their capacity to cope. You are stronger that you dare imagine. Pluto, the planet of sticking-power and transformation is on your side. You have what it takes to overcome negative situations, or, survive power-hungry individuals who are exploiting some transitory advantage they hold over you. Love yourself. Never stop loving yourself. Why? Because you are blame-free. The sin belongs to them, and they shall be held accountable in this life or the next. Let me repeat: they alone are responsible. You are clean inside and out. When everything is at its darkest think to yourself “This too will pass”.

Pluto is all about surviving the intolerable; snatching victory from the jaws of defeat; keeping it together and having the fortitude to take it one day at a time. And Pluto is on your side.

Neptune's confusing influence may give rise to intellectual infatuations, entanglements, confused communications, lost data, misplaced trust, or, love at first sight with a duplicitous individual who is unworthy of your unquestioning devotion. In fact, it's no exaggeration to say that self-deception can lead you astray both intellectually or physically (you might show up late for an important meeting because you got lost or forgot an important travel document). You may even become beguiled by a false prophet or immoral preacher, or, go off on some other kind of wild goose chase. How can you counter these potential hazards? Simple: just be on your guard and don't take things at face value.

Week Four:
Potentially a favourable week in which a powerful and well aspected Mars assists you to overcome obstacles and remove barriers that inhibit your progress. Matters of the heart proceed as you hope and some anticipated changes come to fruition on the domestic scene. When the time appears right to you, simply put your feet up and go with the flow. Bye for now and take care of yourself.

Yours sincerely,

Guy Doleman: Astrologer

PS. all date are approximate.
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