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An overview of EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

By:John Digby
Date: Fri,21 Mar 2008
Submitter:John Digby

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EFT Training in your area

Most illnesses of the body are created by the mind!

For those looking for a natural, simple, non-intrusive way to experience permanent relief from everyday ailments like headaches, through emotional troubles such as rage, anger, grief, fear and phobias and on to major, life affecting conditions like addiction, Fatigue Syndrome and depression, E F T is the answer!

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a therapy that is as powerful as it is simple; as permanent as super-glue and as life changing as a massive lottery win!

Tapping with two fingers on specific “Meridian” points - as used in acupuncture – whilst fully associating with problems, memories and emotions, brings a bout a balance in the patient which dissolves the anchors, or triggers that cause the symptoms feeding the condition, thereby eliminating the condition permanently!

So EFT is a completely holistic therapy as it treats - first and foremost - the person; then the reason for the condition - not the symptom. The symptom is usually the effect of underlying issues and these will be different in everyone presenting with the same symptom, so the treatment MUST be different for each person as their core issues are not similar.

Most uniquely of all, it’s free to learn for anyone who downloads the manual from emof Once learned you have the tools to clear any emotional blockage which in turn triggers the symptoms causing so much distress.

EFT works by cleansing and realigning the flow of energy through the meridian energy system, so that any symptoms caused by the blockage dissolve and do not return. This is achieved by firm, but gentle tapping on specific meridian points on the face, torso and hand, whilst saying a reminder phrase to assist in fully associating with the issue at hand.

This synergy of mind and body effects rapid (sometimes instant) relief from even long held emotional issues and physical symptoms. Because the clearing of these obstacles to recovery there is normally no recurrence of the problem as the cause no longer exists.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email
[email protected]

or visit my website

For further information about EFT click below:
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Brenda Grubb said:

Thanks for the tip Watchman; I'll bear it in mind :) XX
Fri,28 Mar 2008,10:28:14 GMT

the watchman said:

Brenda stop kissing everyone you dont know where they"ve been.............
Thu,27 Mar 2008,17:31:41 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

"JUST DO IT" - now that's a sensible statement, and one which many more should think about, then DO IT,. This is the fundemental understanding of all progression is DOING IT! all the discussions; meetings; texts; lectures in the world won't on their own bring about progression - whereas, "JUST DOING IT" will - I hope more take up this TRUTH of life! XX
Wed,26 Mar 2008,14:08:04 GMT

John Digby said:

You are coming from exactly the same place as I am, Ian. What all right-minded health practitioners want is the good of the patient and for healing to come from within, which is where the condition started. to constantly strive for the "how" and "why" of healing will slow down healing and the acquisition of knowledge. having to prove and re-prove every step just for some over-active left brained new science is a blinkered way of operating. If it works and no harm is caused in the process - DO IT! It's as easy as that.

Thanks again Ian,

Wed,26 Mar 2008,09:27:08 GMT

Ian said:


There are many intelligent and brave people out there who are dedicating their lives to understanding and sharing their science of consciousness. Hopefully we are not too far away in bridging a gap between the two.

Cleve Backster

Lynne McTaggart

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf

Best Regards
Wed,26 Mar 2008,09:17:08 GMT

John Digby said:

“Tapping your head” is as far from the truth of how and why EFT and any energy therapy works, as it is possible to be. Your statement shows ignorance which is not a positive starting point for any productive discussion.

I have had many patients arrive in my office saying they have tried all available “Scientific” avenues of modern medicine, as well as many alternative ones and at any point along this route a placebo could have operated – but it didn’t; but they leave me cured.

The fact that you require empirical evidence shows weakness and self doubt as you have to be able to have belief in and the support of work done by others. Working in Harley Street is not any measure of competence, but it could be of greed and this is also borne out by the fear that cures are available for free or at very low cost compared to extortionate fees charged by people in private medicine.

Unlike much of the medical establishment who join “The Club” as a cash-cow career, all the CAM therapists I have met are in their field out of far more altruistic reasons. They feel for people on a personal level and become therapists for the good of all.

Surely the one true end here is the resolution of the patient’s condition and the means to that resolution should be whatever best suits the patient and the real proof of the pudding is that the patient regains their health, whether emotional, psychological or physical.

Oh and thank you Yvonne for your support.

Love and energy,

Tue,25 Mar 2008,23:14:40 GMT

The Source Society - Yvonne said:

Hi Sceptic therapist,

I understand where you are coming from and it is easy to point the finger at the therapists or the alternative therapy for not having any scientific substance. A 'what came first, the chicken or the egg' scenario. Throughout history, science has been a bit slow with catching up. A scientifically minded person is merely on the other end of the scale sitting opposite the alternative therapist. A bit like a seesaw effect.
It would be nice if science and alternative therapies could meet in the middle and both start with some kind of foundation. One thing is for sure (placebo or not) a large number of people benefit from alternative therapies.
Until a proper scientific research is conducted, nobody (a scientist or an alternative therapy practitioner) can make a firm statement to what does or doesn't work, is or isn't a placebo effect.
Until such time, keep an open mind and maybe some day we can meet in the middle and work more constructively instead of dismissing everything based on little knowledge or experience.

Tue,25 Mar 2008,22:15:20 GMT

sceptic therapist said:

eft is another new age therapy with absolutely no scientific substance. do you honestly think by tapping your head it will change anything!, of course not. it works because of desire, ie placebo, the client wants to be helped the therapist sets the scene result cure. i work in harley street and have tried this on numerous occassions, i have also treated the same client issue just by talking to them, no tapping. result=the same. placebo, suggestion. making gary very rich!
Tue,25 Mar 2008,21:53:18 GMT
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