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Finding unconditional love

By:Nicholas Shutler
Date: Sat,06 Jun 2009
Submitter:Nick Shutler

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Finding Unconditional Love
By N Shutler

We have often heard many the great teachers and evolved souls speak to us of the need for mankind to embrace unconditional love, to love one another, to love thy neighbour as thy self, to love thine enemy But for many this seems an almost impossible task.

We often hear of atrocities committed by others which have become highlighted and sensationalised in the media and press. People become angry with the perpetrators of these crimes and seek revenge and compensation for their actions. I hear decent people calling out for the return of the death penalty or for crimes to be dealt with more severely. Even for the victims or families of victims to be able to exact their revenge how they see fit...Makes me think of the Stoning of criminals which occurred in the dark ages and still happens in some places today.

More importantly we hear people say, “How is it possible to Love someone who has trespassed against us, who has committed a crime against us, against humanity?”This is the big question which is on the lips of many. People feel enraged and full of hatred toward the perpetrators of these crimes and many of us would feel justified by committing the same despicable acts upon them..... But really we know this would only add to the misery and suffering that is being poured in to the world. We know that hatred begets hatred and this leads us to become caught up a vicious circle of negativity and self destruction.

Let me tell you a little story
I recently read a book called ‘The Shack’ It was a fictional story about The victim of such a crime. The central character is Mack the story begins with Mack as a small abused child who in his torment and love for his abused mother poisons his father. Much later Mack has a young family of his own and while on holiday his young daughter (Missy) is abducted from the lake shore while Mack was rescuing Kate (another daughter) from an overturned canoe.

Later the police find evidence that missy had been brutally murdered by ‘The lady bird killer’, a serial murderer after the remains of her blood soaked dress had been found in a shack deep in the wilderness.
Mack was a Christian man who had a strong belief in God but after the event found himself full of hatred and his faith in God as a result had diminished. Mack’s life was in ruins as was his young daughter who he had rescued from the canoe as she blamed herself for the distraction which had enabled her sister to be abducted. She had retreated in to herself and would not speak or talk to anyone.
Sometime later Mack received a note allegedly from God asking him to meet him in the Shack. Mack perceives the note as either a sick joke, or could it be from the murderer enticing him up to the shack in order to murder him... Or could it be from God,...
Mack waits for an opportunity when his wife and children are away and takes a gun and travels to the shack intent on revenge.

Mack finds the shack empty and derelict with nothing but the old blood stain on the floor. He descends in to a rage and goes berserk smashing the place up and screaming in his despair to God for an answer. Why had this terrible thing happened to him, what had he done wrong to deserve this.... ‘He was angry with God’. Mack contemplates suicide... Eventually Mack slumps to the floor sobbing and emotionally exhausted & falls in to a deep sleep where he is transported in to another world which exists in the same space and time (Sound familiar?) Where he meets God who is a black woman,
Jesus and the Holy Ghost...

Through their eyes Mack’s perception is lifted and he begins to comprehend the deeper meaning of Love. But is still unable to find forgiveness or love for the murder of his daughter. He wants revenge and justice exacted on the perpetrator and his anger at God resurfaces. Mack is invited by Jesus to a special place deep in the mountain where he meets a powerful elevated spiritual being (An Angel) again the rage inside Mack resurfaces and his anger at God for allowing this terrible thing to happen to his beautiful little daughter.

The Angel bestows upon Mack the power of God but Mack finds this position of office not as simple as he thought. He is taken on a journey in to his own life and asked to look at his own crimes against his father. Still the rage within Mack is not sedated and the Spiritual Being invites Mack to a trial where he will be the judge of God... At first the case seems simple, one man’s crime and a fitting punishment but Mack is asked to consider now judgment not only on God but missy’s murderer. Through the eyes of God he begins to understand the mechanics of the events in the killer’s life that had caused him to become damaged. Mack is shown the systematic damage of generations of parental abuse culminating in one person. If Mack is to judge, he must Judge them all. He feels God’s great sadness for all the atrocities committed in the world and the great love that God has for all his children and begins to realise that through Gods bestowal of free will upon mankind that he must be responsible for his own actions. Mack learns that we requested free will and God loves us so much that he grants this request and resultantly the mistakes and actions we make we must be personally responsible for. (Not God)

Later Mack is taken deeper in to the Spirit realms where he reconciles with his father He then understand why God appeared to him as a woman because of his deep distrust of men after the his abuse as a child by his father. gets to see missy again too and sees she is happy in the Spirit world.

After a monumental struggle, Mack though still angry is able to forgive the killer thus releases himself from his home made prison of darkness and despair.

It is such a profound read and I would thoroughly recommend it.

It gives us Insight in to something that we so badly need in this world of ours and that is LOVE
If we find it so difficult to love our neighbour or our enemy and we are only able to love a few chosen individuals perhaps there is something wrong with our perception of IT.

We as Human beings are evolving so perhaps we should be more flexible with the idea of what love is? If we think as many do that ‘Love’ is similar to ‘Like’ perhaps we are barking up the wrong tree. I am sure that Mack will never be able to ‘Like’ the man that killed his Missy. So he will certainly not be able to like him a lot. No! Then the Love that the great teachers and Guides speak of must be another kind of love altogether, something much more profound.

The kind of love that the story teaches us about is the unconditional variety; with this in mind we can begin to understand that we may not necessarily need to like someone in order to love them. When we look past the front cover we may begin to realise what makes a person the way they are that they as we are too, the victims of circumstance that were beyond their control.

We can begin to empathise with that individual and come to understand them in a deeper way. We don’t have to like them as a person but we can to love them as a human being with all the faults and flaws and quirks that they possess. We can see them through the eyes of God if you like, as children, we are learning and in learning we are liable to make mistakes. We will be subject to suffering, and hardships in this school we call life. Some of us may not cope so well with the lessons on offer and may become damaged by it. Why would further punishment solve the crime or heal the individual... It cannot, Only Love can do that... We are on a great journey not so much as a physical one but an evolutionary one. One of gaining deeper and deeper understanding of what Love is. We know through teachings that God is Love and that there are beings so evolved in LOVE that we cannot cast our eyes upon them for their brilliance is blinding, though sometimes we can feel them when they draw close to us we can be blown away by a glimpse of what unconditional love really is. I know that there is an ocean of love out there for us but we must reach out and strive for it if we are to reach our Goal. We as Spiritualist know the universal law of like attracts like if we strive for a greater understanding we will be helped towards it in equal measure. Remember we have free will to travel in whatever direction we choose, so why not choose to be happier to have more Love manifested in us. To begin that great journey home toward the God head.

Nick, Guides and inspirers

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Mike Evans said:

I find this article enlightening and inspiring. It helps me to kerb my desire for revenge on perpetrators of vile crimes.
Sun,07 Jun 2009,22:56:29 GMT
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